Comfortable baby basics for soft days and cozy nights.

  • Just like your favorite white T-shirt, Pijeme's ambition is to become your go-to, the top-drawer pieces you want in multiples.

    We know that your time is precious (and limited), and that finding the right products for your baby's ever-changing wardrobe can be tedious. That is why we aim to keep it simple: with a focused assortment of only must-have core pieces, you can count on us to find the one — and to keep finding it — as your baby (and family) grows.

  • Core basics you can count on.

    We are here to deliver product you love, and we want you to come back as your baby - and family -grows. Our styles are core, and here to stay.

  • From one mom to another.

    As a mom of two, I understand the importance of balancing comfort and practicality. That is why our products are designed to maximize ease of use and provide all the cozy feelings. Learn more about key design features on each product page.

  • Community first.

    With our clients at the heart of everything we do, we operate with a continuous improvement mindset. Let us know what you love, how we can help, improve, and do better. Get in touch

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  • Striving for sustainability.

    As our small business grows and we navigate the line between cost-inclusive and earth-conscious decisions, we are committed to limiting waste and making smart choices in both our products and packaging.

    Here are some steps we have already taken in our efforts to minimize our impact on the planet:

    • We use 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton (learn more about it here).
    • Our orders are shipped in biodegradable mailers (learn more about D2W Technology).
    • Our products are packaged in home-compostable polybags (these individual bags are used to protect items from the elements during transit, which then limits waste by reducing damaged products).
    • We forego all unnecessary paper and plastic: no tags, no cards. We'll keep the cutesy marketing to email and social.

    Pijeme Inc. is a divison of Tigalo Inc.